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I'm Monika Majnik

If I had to sum up what I love do to, it would be helping Women (and Men!) achieve optimal Health! Our Gut Health and Physical Health are responsible for everything from Depression to Weight Gain, Nutrient Absorption to Energy, Youthful Aging and more! 

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My desire to change my own circumstance when I had several health issues all at once, led me to becoming the Lady Boss of my life. I not only changed the course of my health, but my life! I have a strong passion to help others achieve success in all areas of their life, and our health is where it all begins! 

I am a Fitness Nerd, have a Mild Obsession with the Human Body and how it works on a Cellular Level, and love love love Nature! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Gut Health expert, so feel free to reach out and connect! 


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Be Your Own Lady Boss

In Organization and Focus

Have goals?! Feel disorganized, scattered, and lack direction? Being able to filter through all of your to-do lists and desires and focus in on what is truly your most important goal, most fulfilling goal, is the key to achieving it! We often get stuck in wanting too many things and it often turns into overwhelm and procrastination! This course will help shave months if not years off floundering, and lead you straight to a plan of action that you can implement right away!

Be Your Own Lady Boss

In Finances 

Feeling overwhelmed with bills, debt, saving for the future? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have complete control over you life, your financial life? If you are a lady boss like me, those words rang like music to my ears! The thought of having no debt, to look at my bank account know I had the security to survive even if I lost my job was a dream. Having enough money to do what I wanted without stressing about how I was going to pay off a credit card or make it to the next month was something I had always dreamed of. And that became my passion. Helping women just like you, take complete control over their financial future and showing them how to create a life not only full of financial abundance, but debt free too. Are you ready to become a true Lady Boss of your Financial Life? 

Be Your Own Lady Boss

In Health

If you're like me, I used to get totally rattle about what is the best way to accomplish my health goals! It left me feeling frustrated so I either did some crazy drastic diet or said forget it! That was until I realized it didn't need to be that difficult, and despite all of the latest crazes or newest superfood that promised amazing results, it really came down to some simple key things that actually weren't difficult to implement at all! So, before you throw in the towel and give up on how you really want to look and feel, check out what stopped the insanity for me!  

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