hey beautiful!

I'm Monika Majnik...

Born in small town British Columbia, Canada, where the cactus grow and tumble weed blow! Moving to the big city of Vancouver when I was 18, with dreams of being a Lady Boss of my own!

A fitness fanatic, lover of nature and a passion for understanding the human mind and body! 

Make sure you check the bottom of the page for some fun facts about me!

I always knew I wanted to impact lives since I was in high school, I just never figured out how until my 40's after years of battling low self-confidence, poor body image, never feeling 'enough', *pretty, *skinny, *fit, *accomplished...you get the picture! Since turning 50  I think I finally have it figured out.


I have always had a real interest in how the human body worked, how nutrition affected everything including our mindset, and what control we really had over any or all of it. My passion grew as a Personal Trainer in the Canadian Movie Industry where I saw that my words had just as much or even more affect then the workouts themselves, and there my entrepreneurial spirit was born. Seeing so many people Wanting more, more health, more fitness, more time, more money, I just knew there was an answer if I looked hard enough.

From a 25 year long Fitness Profession to Lifestyle Coaching and a 6 Figure Network Marketing career, my passion to help Women (and Gents!) narrow in on their true Dreams, figure out this stuff called Self-Love, and live their Best Life, is what drives me on the daily!

You'll often find me on a mountain hiking, a beach walking, or in a forest running while contemplating life's journey.

Favourite Clothing?

I luuuv dresses! Take me back to the days of dresses, gloves and hats please! 

Favourite Food?

My Mums Nanaimo bars!!

Recipe below! 

Favourite Drink?

Sweet White Wine! Check out my favourite below! 

Favourite Place?

If there is a lush forest, take me there! 

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