Undiagnosed and Frustrated! 

I'm guessing you have either had the run around with your Doctor, been told they cannot find anything, you have been told it is 'IBS' or you are starting to believe this is all in your head. Don't worry, you aren't crazy! I have been there, for years and years, and getting a proper diagnosis is key to understanding what is going on, how to treat it, and how to move on with your life! 

The first thing we need to do is figure out what is going on. If you are done with seeing Doctors and cannot afford to go to a Naturopath to get the necessary testing, there are options. It will take a bit of trial and error, but we can make some good headway in figuring out what is the cause of your gut issues.  

I think it's important that you understand that healing your gut issues is the key to your long term health. Without proper microbiome balance, consistent elimination, good digestion and nutrient absorption, you will without a shadow of a doubt be on your way to an autoimmune disease. Remember, all disease starts in our gut! Our microbiome (the bacteria in our gut and brain that makes up our immune system) weighs around 5 pounds and has 10x more cells then the rest of our body combined, and 100-150 times more genes then the 23,000 genes in DNA! (*Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCCN, DACBN) It may be safe to say that our microbiome is running us! So, with that knowledge in hand, it's important that we take the utmost care of our most vital 'organ' in our body, our microbiome, which is being directly affected by SIBO, Leaky Gut and IBS. 

To figure out what is causing your symptoms we will need to go over an in-depth questionnaire and history of when your issues began. From that point we will determine if I believe your issues are related to SIBO or Leaky Gut, and what steps to take next. Your answers will give me a clear indication as to what I believe may be the possible culprit for your issues, and you may need to invest in seeing a Naturopath to get properly tested. In the meantime, I will get you onto a diet to help alleviate your symptoms so you can enjoy your life.  This package is the basics, and to have a true diagnosis you may need to take further action, but together we will make some progress in helping you to feel better. 

What you get with this purchase:

*In-depth questionnaire to zero in on possible causes, including your history, symptoms, food sensitivities and more. 

*A notebook to keep track of your progress, meals and emotions.

*Suggested food protocol to help reduce symptoms

* Suggested tests to get from your health practitioner

If you are ready to get some answers and moving forward in the direction of healing your stomach issues, let's get started! 











Please note: My training has been in Fitness and Nutrition, I am not a Doctor, I have no formal Medical or Naturopathic training, no Dietician Certificate or Special Qualifications. I am not licensed to practise Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, nor do I accept any liability for the recommendations I will offer. If you have an underlying medical condition either aware or unaware of, Monika Majnik, My Lady Boss Life and Team Triumph Nutritional Consulting Inc assume no responsibility for any treatment recommendation and outcome that may or may not make an medical, psychological or emotional issue worse. The purchaser of any recommended protocol through this site assumes 100% responsibility for any and all outcomes, and hereby releases any negligence towards Monika Majnik. 


Now, with all of that gobbly goop over, I did want you to know that I am however, a survivor of "IBS", "Leaky Gut" and "SIBO" to name just a few, have healed myself while watching hundreds of people suffer with no movement towards better health. I am a walking billboard for my own healing, 

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