Hello Beautiful!

As a former Personal Trainer in the Vancouver Movie Industry,

I have developed a unique style of training, motivation and attention

to detail that is focused on women's health goals exclusively!

The two key components are: 

Motivated by Fun, Driven by Results! 

I am over the moon excited that you have decided to join one of

our Bootcamps! You deserve to feel amazing in your skin, love how

you look  and feel, and gain the confidence to know that you can

do anything you set your mind to!

Be prepared sweat your little tush off, work muscles you didn't know you even had, and have a ton of FUN! At TFC Training we are all about results, whether you want to lose a few pounds or inches, firm up that booty, your arms, or increase your cardio, it is Time For Change! 

~ Monika xo 


*Mat or towel to lay on

*Dumbbells or Resistance bands 

(I have some that you can share with proper sanitization)

*Running shoes, water bottle, rain coat/cap if raining!

Summertime Bootcamp

Outdoor bootcamp with Social Distancing a Priority! 

* Results driven

* All levels of Fitness Welcome

* Held at Chaldecott Park -

Crown Street / 27th Ave close to Pacific Spirit Park

* 3 x per week

* 6 Person Limit

* 6am, 12Noon or 6pm options

* Cost: $25 Drop In OR $180 for 12 classes (3 x week - choosing morning, noon or evening class as a package)


Rise and Shine!

12 Noon

Lunchtime Energy!


Evening Burn!

Friends Only Bootcamp

Outdoor bootcamp with Social Distancing a Priority!

* Results driven

* Held at Park of YOUR Choice

(limited to Vancouver and Richmond)

* 6 Friend Limit

* Time of YOUR Choice if another time other then 6am, 12PM or 6PM fits your schedule better! 

* Cost: $200 for 12 classes

(3 x week at agreed upon time)

Friends Only!

This Outdoor one hour session is geared towards YOU and what your Very Specific needs are!

(once social distancing has subsided, we can move into your home gym if you prefer)

* Challenging, results driven

* Exercises are chosen for your  specific goals, and areas of concern

* One on one focus and instruction

* Wellness suggestions:

  • Dietary recommendations 

  • Solutions to promote better sleep

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Stretch program

  • Goal setting

* Cost:

   $900 for 10 Sessions

   $570 for 6 Sessions

One on One Outdoor Bootcamp PT Training

Personal Training

10 Session Pak

Personal Training

6 Session Pak

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