• Monika Majnik

Are you Grumpy?!

Okay, please tell me I am not the only one who gets grumpy?! Something I don't like to admit, but sigh, it's true! The biggest trigger for my grumpiness is feeling like I am not progressing fast enough in my desired goals...patience is a virtue, hmpf. I've never really been good at patience either. Like, get to the end of the story dude, I don't need to know the middle! I kinda drive that way to - A to B as fast as I can. My friends used to call me Mario...I have a story of getting my friend from the USA border to the ferry terminal in 20 minutes, we are talking mock speed, hair flying back, face pulled with gravity...dare you to try that and not get caught 👮‍♂️lol While my driving speed has slowed considerably, my need to 'be there' in life hasn't. And it is frustrating. And I get grumpy. I know logically that to turn a grumpy mood around just takes a decision, and most of the time I do that, I also rely on a little secret liquid called IONIX that has the right combo of ingredients to kick start that process...hey, we all need a little help, right?! I have found the most affective way to get rid of the grumpy pants is to change my environment, as in, get up, get out, move, see something different, hear the birds, smell the flowers, anything that isn't my computer, phone, the walls I am living in. And it works. You should try it! What are you favorite ways to 'de-grump'?!

~ Monika xo

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