• Monika Majnik

Authentically You

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Authentic, it's a word we hear often, but what exactly does being authentic mean?  

It is hard to know what being authentic is because we are so accustomed to living life in-authentically, trying to please everyone, say the right thing to our partners, bosses, kids and friends. Doing what the status quo is doing, and making sure we fit in with society with the right selfie picture, the right kind of clothes, holiday, opinions and more. And let's face it, voicing our true authentic opinion in this ever increasing 'political correctness' world is becoming ever so hard not to offend someone!


But there is such a cost to not living authentically. We deprive ourselves of our true desires, of our creativity and the ability to live life without emotional limitations, to having our friends, family, and society see who WE really ARE, and not what we perceive we are Supposed to be!

Being authentic is listening to your inner voice, (the good one!), having empathy towards others and living life from your true self, not one imposed by others. It is being true to you, to all of you, to the you that fears judgement, to the you that fears acceptance, to the you that fears not being loved.

Take some time today to think about what really makes you happy, take away all of the expectations around you, ones others place upon you, ones you place upon yourself. Think about what life would be life if you just said what you really meant, dressed how you really wanted to, and did what made you most happy.

  Being authentic not only opens up your life for more joy, peace and contentment, but it allows you to truly be yourself with others, to shed the masks, the expectations, and to show up in all areas as your true self. It will deepen your connection to others, and to yourself, and lead you in the direction of a more soulful life, one that is free to just be, one with no expectations or judgements, one that allows you to be the person you have always been, but have perhaps been too weighed down with 'life' to let shine through. 

~ Monika xo

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