• Monika Majnik

Booty Envy!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Do you suffer from Booty Envy? Some of us have more then we would desire, and some of us have less then we would desire, and most of us wish our booties looked like they did in high school! But did you know that there is one exercise that can accomplish both gaining and losing your booty?! YES! 

Your gluteus maximus muscle is the largest muscle in your body, and in order to change the shape it requires some serious attention! There are many exercises that target various areas of your booty, but there is one exercise that hands down is known as the booty-shaper!

And that exercise is the SQUAT! It is the best exercise to not only tone and shape that booty, but increases your metabolism (being the largest muscle in your body, means it burns the most calories when used), and is excellent at putting on muscle for those who desire a larger, more round booty! 

Like any exercise, be sure to have proper form and alignment so you protect your back, and focus on those gluteus maximus muscles so each squat is worth the effort! 

Your booty will begin to take shape, lift, round, shrink or grow, all depending on the weight and repetitions you do. Here are some general guidelines:

1. To grow and shape your booty muscle, you want to remain around 10 - 12 repetitions per set, 3-4 sets.

2. To shape and reduce your booty, you want to remain around 15 - 20 repetitions per set, 3-4 sets. 

Of course, diet is also key, so be sure to watch what you are doing in the kitchen, and make those workouts worth the effort!

~ Monika xo

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