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Breast Implants - Part 1: Why

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Let's just lay it on the line...we all know girls/women who have them, breast implants, and let's face it...there is a little teeny bit of judgement going on under your skin isn't there? I mean, maybe you wish you had them, maybe you feel she is being vain, maybe you even feel she is somehow better then you now that she has perky larger boobs, or she thinks she is better than you? I know I did, I felt all of those things, envy, jealously, resentment, lots of judgement.....and I had them myself! Crazy! But you see...breast implants are a result of a much larger issue then just the size of ones breasts. Let me explain.

I am no expert, but from personal experience and talking to hundreds of women, getting breast implants is always a result of how we feel about our bodies. Whether our boobs became deflated after childbirth, our partner wanted them bigger, we lost them to breast cancer or we weren't genetically blessed to have any to begin with, the common emotional reason is self confidence.

In our society, at least in North America, we are so focused visually at what is perceived to be the 'ideal image', we end up being so blinded by what we are actually doing to our bodies, and so focused on achieving the end result.

When I was 23 I got saline breast implants, after enough years of feeling like I wasn't 'woman enough' because I had not developed as much as others, or really, not at all. I will never forget the first time I became aware of my breast size, I was 14 and sitting on a beach at a lake when a chubby boy sitting beside me said "my boobs are bigger then yours" and laughed. Now, as an adult looking back, I would have had a completely different response, maybe something along the lines of...oh never mind, you all know what I mean :) But, being 14, those words seared right through me like a knife to the centre of my self-esteem, and from that moment forward, I became obsessed with watching and waiting to see if I would get bigger....but I never did. I often wonder if I had gotten bigger, would they have been big enough? Would I still have felt the need to get even bigger ones? And therein lies the issue...as women we are bombarded with bodacious women with spilling cleavage all over movies, magazines, fashion and more. We are 'told' visually that a busty woman is a more attractive woman...same with a younger woman, a slimmer woman, a woman with long hair, long legs, curvy body, plump lips, long eye lashes, no wrinkles, no grey hair, no cellulite and of course tall. That list is exhausting!! How on earth are we supposed to keep up with that?! The reality and sad truth of it is, no one can, not even the models on the magazine cover, because even they themselves are photo-shopped, plumped, smoothed, slimmed and de-aged...not even a real liking to the actual person to begin with...how crazy is that? For the various industries to be promoting something that isn't even real...try and wrap your brain around that one!

So is it any wonder why women do the things they do to their bodies to seek approval, looks, love?? And the most important detail of all that is left out of every campaign to make us feel less then, is whether or not you are even a good person. It is all focused on looks, which less face it, age happens, if you are lucky enough that is, and let me tell you, I feel incredibly lucky to be aging. There are people on this earth who have left us, and would give anything to have been able to age.

The issue with altering our bodies lies within our society as a whole, we are so disconnected from love, so disconnected from the importance of acceptance, self-love, health, nature, kindness and so on. We are outwardly focused instead of inwardly focused on what really does matter, who you are as a person, how you live your life, how much love and compassion you put into the world, what the world will say about you once you are gone.

Bigger breasts do not make you more of a woman, what makes you more of a woman is how you show up in the world, does the room light up when you smile, do people love to be around you, do they admire and look up to you for all of the good you are doing in the world? Bigger breasts will not make you love yourself more, you are at your core already perfect, and that is what is so unique about being a human being, we are all uniquely different, like flavours of ice cream, each person has their favourite, and we all have flavours we are attracted to more then others...and thank goodness for that! A bigger set of breasts does not make you more whole, and I know this as I had breast implants for 27 years, and had them removed in 2018. They steal from our natural beauty, they make us less authentic, they show the world that the one thing everyone sees first isn't even real, that we didn't feel good enough to show up as we were, to know that we were perfect exactly as we were. And it's not our fault, it's what society has made us feel, led us to believe, and we have bought into it all the way.

In another post I will share how my implants made me sick, in hopes that my sharing will reach you, or someone you know, that is having unexplained physical symptoms.

~ Monika xo

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