• Monika Majnik


Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Comparison...it is a nasty habit that most of us fall victim to at one point or another. Comparing ourselves to others can not only chip away at our self-esteem, but it can cause us to become addicted to the feeling of not being good enough. 

Society is set up to have us see what is potentially wrong with us, not tall enough, skinny enough, rich enough, funny enough, pretty enough. These feelings of inadequacy build up, causing us to feel we are always reaching for the unattainable, the ideal body or life that someone else has or perceives to have. The "highlight real" on social media only deepens this feeling of not being enough, the selfie world of the perfect shot, only feeds our fears that others have it better in every way. 

The real story is that nothing is ever perfect. Social media and print aren't real life, they are often what the person posting only wants you to see, not necessarily what the reality is off camera. Pictures are staged, smiles are staged, taken at a flattering angles and photo-shopped, and with each shot we see, so the comparison continues. 

How do we wade through this new world and come out the other side stronger and more confident about who we are, and what value we offer the world? First, our so called "physical flaws" aren't flaws at all, they are what makes each of us an individual, perfectly unique and beautiful in every way. Take the focus off of how the media says you should look, and focus your attention on your heart, how much do you smile in a day, how much joy do you bring to your life and those around you? Try and limit what you allow into your mind by limiting the types of magazines and tv shows you watch, limit the time you spend on social media and 'unfollow' people or websites that feed a negative self image and begin to follow ones that feed your heart, mind and soul, that make you feel good about who you are, exactly the way you are. 

It is easy to get caught up in the comparison game, but the more you become aware of the way you feel, the more you can eliminate the things in your life that make you feel that way, and start to surround yourself with things that make you feel amazing. There is a saying that is true to so many areas in our life: Our environment is strong then our willpower...so set up your environment to be a supportive one, and see how feeling good about yourself is a much better place to be.

~Monika xo

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