• Monika Majnik

Have you fallen off the wagon?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Have you ever 'fallen off the wagon' so to speak? You are on a great roll, really having some success with your workouts, a new way of eating, and then bam, you get invited out for a night or to a friends house and it all goes out the window! The chips and wine start flowing, the ice cream and cake is being served, and the next thing you know you wake up feeling like your life is over and you are starting from scratch...AGAIN! 

Here is some good news for you! DON'T FRET! One day or even a weekend of indulgence isn't going to undo what you have done. Yes, you may have gained a pound or put on some water retention weight, yes it may be difficult to get those sugar or alcohol cravings out of your system again, and back to those 5am workouts, but here is the perspective:

You are not starting from the beginning, you still have those days, weeks or months under your belt, they cannot be taken away!

You have already been successful, so think of this as a tiny blip, a life event that has come and gone and you just continue where you left off! The reality is this, life is ALWAYS going to throw things at us, whether it is a Birthday party and someone's Grandma made a special cake that you just have to eat it for fear of hurting her feelings, or you just ended a relationship and Ben and Jerry become your new best friends for a night or two, it is okay!

When we learn to gain new perspective over our lives long term, we begin to realize that the little 'off track's' that happen, the falling off the wagon so to speak, are just a part of life, and we learn to just pick up where we left off! 

So the next time you decide to beat yourself up for falling off of your regime, for having to start again, take some time to see it from a different perspective, from a place where life happens, and the most important thing is that when it does, you release the guilt and just start again...because the reality is, you aren't starting over, you are just continuing on from where you left off.

 ~Monika XO

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