• Monika Majnik

Don't be Afraid to Start Over

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Don't be afraid to Start Over. My life has taken many bumps and turns over the last 20 years, and every time I have had to make the decision to either re-set or let the bump take me off course forever. Whether it has been a health issue, a relationship or business, every bump in the road I was faced with the decision to either let that experience define me and my future, or make the decision to learn and grow from it. Life is like that, and more often then not we are faced with these decisions more then we would like.

One of the things I have learned along the way is everything is placed before us as a chance to learn. I have had to let friendships go because they were keeping me stuck doing the same things, being the same person, thinking the same way. My life looked like a groundhog day year in and year out. I have had to move away from business partners that were toxic, who liked to create drama behind my back rather than have conversations to resolve issues (and there are always issues!). I have had to end relationships because I saw myself as never becoming more, not growing, not moving forward towards the things that really mattered to me. I have even had to make the decision to have surgery and remove toxic breast implants after 27 years. None of these things were easy, and all of them came with a sense of loss, panic, self-doubt, emotional despair and feelings of never 'getting there'.

But, after the initial pain wore off like it always does, all of those decisions has led me closer to the person I want to be, closer to the dreams I have of being surrounded by an amazing community of people, closer to the lifestyle that I want and deserve, closer to the ultimate happiness that I seek in loving myself, my journey, and who I am as a complete and whole woman; fake bits expunged.

People will gossip and talk behind your back, people will judge you without knowing you, people will envy and disparage you, that will never change. The kind of people who lift you up, support and encourage, cheer you on with every bump in the road, every hard decision and change in life you make, those are the ones who's opinions matter....if anyone's really ever matter at all. You only lay your head at night with you, so you are the ultimate friend and cheerleader in life to yourself.

Don't be afraid to start over. Don't be afraid to say goodbye to relationships, friendships or jobs that don't serve you anymore, don't be afraid to admit your wrongs, forgive your mistakes, and learn from each and everyone of them. Your life continues to tick by, the days, weeks and months will continue to pass, and what a regret it would be to never truly live the life you always dreamed of living, spiritually, emotionally, physically and instead always caring what the opinions and judgments of others were, more then your own. Don't be afraid to start over.

~ Monika xo

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