• Monika Majnik

Food as a Crutch

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Are you a binger, a picker or a secretive eater? Don't worry, you aren't alone! I've done them all, in fact, I still struggle at times with one or more at various times...especially when I am super stressed or have been to strict with my diet! I'm a woman, a human, and food has always been something I was drawn to as an emotional crutch. I think it goes back to a time when I became aware of the whole 'diet' thing, and that some foods were 'off limits' if I wanted to look a certain way. Hey, none of us are immune to it, so don't beat yourself up! They key is in realizing it exists, and then understanding why you treat food like a forbidden fruit.

What helped me years ago to stop the terrible habits I had around depravation and then practising the 3 methods of eating I mentioned above (stuffing my face with everything in site was my go-to), was not associating whether or not foods were 'bad', but rather if they were 'unhealthy'. Very different things! Look at it like this, we all know that cake isn't great for our health, it isn't that it is bad, it's not evil or horrific, it's just unhealthy. It's high in sugar, refined flours, and loaded with fat. It's a 'treat' as one would say. So, when I changed how I looked at cake for an example, I didn't forbid myself from eating it, I just made a choice that it wasn't the healthiest option for my overall health goals, but if I was at a Birthday party, I would enjoy a small piece to satisfied my human side to 'treat' myself.

When you are watching your diet for health, it brings a new perspective to the foods you CHOOSE to eat and why you are eating them, rather then beating yourself up about what you ate, or feeling deprived for something you really wanted to eat because it was on the 'bad' list.

It's all about health. 80% of you diet should be eaten with health in mind, health of our heart, lungs, brain, kidney's, mental and emotional state and of course, long term wellness, and 20% can be about satisfying our desire to be 'naughty'. So next time you are going to beat yourself up for having something, as yourself what your intention for eating it is, if it's emotional then go for the healthy option, if it's purely a social thing where you are sharing a chocolate fondue, then enjoy...after all, without contrast we wouldn't have a clue how good we feel eating health!

~ Monika xo

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