• Monika Majnik

Free Yourself from Routine and Guilt!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

How freeing it is as a woman to be comfortable in your own skin. This past week I wore my 'old' bikini for the first time, and aside from having to do some fancy adjustments so I didn't fall out, (yes, I can still fall out! lol), it felt amazing! I loved my 'old body', my curves, the way clothes fit, but my 'new body', (which is really my original body!), felt free, unencumbered, natural. It's a hard feeling to put into words, so I suppose the best word would be "me". I felt like me. Nothing to be self-conscious about, nothing to feel awkward when around others, nothing to cover up or be aware of. I just felt free.

Many things are like that, when we take away the drama, the need to fit in, the keeping up with the Joneses, the comparison, the judgement, all of it. When we remove it all, nothing is left but our true selves, our authentic selves. So much of our lives are spent feeling inadequate, I know, as I have felt that way in many areas of my life. Business, money, physical appearance, relationships...the list goes on. The sad part about the human condition is by the time we realize that our only purpose in this life is to be happy and help others to do the same, well, it is often too late. Life has passed us by. And it was so simple to do...just be happy. The only success meter in life is you, how good you feel, how at peace you feel...just be you.

This past week I let all inhibitions go, kind of like a test, to see how I could live in the moment and truly enjoy what my heart desired. To let go of the self judgements and need to be active and eat right all of the time, to stay 'on top' of things. I wore no make up, never looked at emails or FB, drank wine, ate cheese, cake, ice cream, bread, cinnamon buns, suntanned and laughed my ass off. I never worked out, ate too much, sunned too much, and didn't sleep enough. And damn, it has never felt so good to just let it all go and BE. My pants are tight, my 6 pak is gone, I'm certain I still have a sugar hang-over, I'm tired....and I couldn't care less! Routine is here waiting for me, and it was all so very worth it. Try it on some time, there are plenty of days, weeks and years to 'be good', so let yourself go for a weekend or two, it does the soul good.

~ Monika xo

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