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I am guessing you are reading this because you have been dealing with stomach issues. I hear you sister, I dealt with it for 15 years, possibly more but always assumed it was something else. I'm guessing you have at least a hand full of these symptoms: pain, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, bloating, gas, nausea, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, shaking hands, anxiety, anxiousness, insomnia, depression, heart palpitations, weight gain or weight loss, cravings, weird blood work that no one can make any sense of...and the list goes on.

So, why can't the Doctors figure it out? Well, to be honest, they haven't been educated in anything to do with how food affects our body (we seem to know how different types of gasoline affect a sports car but zero clue on how food affects a human...wwwuutt??). Doctors are educated on disease and how to fix, or rather, alleviate symptoms with medications and fix broken parts with surgeries. Zero on how what we eat affects our gut, our gut lining and our micro-biome. Here's an interesting stat for you, did you know that our gut micro-biome, which is the bacteria that make up our immune system, weighs about 5 pounds? It also has 10x more cells then the rest of our body combined, and 100-150 times more genes then the 23,000 genes in DNA! (*Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCCN, DACBN - Autoimmune Fix) And these bacteria are influenced by stress, our diet, by medications, toxins and more. They communicate with a micro-biome in our brain, and together they basically run our body, moods and more. So, you can see by having an upset tummy that someone isn't happy!

It was a long battle of going to Doctors, Specialists and Naturopaths, either being told to 'just don't eat what bothers you' to being diagnosed but not having a clear path on how do I actually HEAL my gut from the offending diagnosis. Sure, I was given tinctures and supplements, even prescribed antibiotics, but from everything I read online, this was temporary unless you addressed the issue via lifestyle: AKA Food. So, I embarked on my own personal study and bought the online courses, read the books and medical articles and more. Like, A LOT MORE. My friends laugh when they come to my place and see the amount of books and articles I have printed off laying in binders and folders everywhere...I'm a bit of a research nut and when there is a loophole, I need to find out why!

In all of this research and study I realized that the root to all healing had to start with the foods we are eating. So with that knowledge in hand, I began to research and compile what I believe to be the most affective way to address this. One common theme I saw with all of the literature were massive holes in congruency between one health site and another. From what I was able to extrapolate from everything I learned, so many 'recommended protocols' had you eating things that were not conducive to healing, even allowing things like gelatine and artificial sweeteners! Enough of that! If I was going to heal my gut, it was going to be for good, no taking chances at going down a path and coming out the other side only mildly well.

One common issue that was a theme in every single book I read to do with gut health, autoimmune disease, inflammation etc., was it all started with Leaky Gut. To simplify what Leaky Gut is, think of a piece of paper with tiny holes everywhere, that is what the lining of your gut is like when you have intestinal permeability, aka Leaky Gut. And the entire length of your intestinal tract is around 23 feet! Food and toxins slip through into your blood stream and your body basically freaks out. Bad news bear.

This happens for various reasons like excessive use of antibiotics, alcohol, stress, poor diet, Leaky Gut can happen and lead to a variety of diseases like Autoimmune, Depression and has been linked to more severe things like Cancer and MS. Definitely not something to be taken lightly!

Having been diagnosed with IBS, Leaky Gut and SIBO, and also healing myself, I am confident that the key to healing starts with food, and ends with food. Some diagnosis are more severe, like SIBO, and take a little bit of extra help with the use of antimicrobials or antibiotics, but again, food is at the core of healing. But not just any type of food. One needs to know the offending foods, how they affect the body, what causes inflammation and remove them for the healing to begin. Reintroduction of foods is also important, how to do it and when, as to not end the entire healing process and backslide to first base again.

I have worked with many people helping them to heal their gut issues, and know I can help you too. If you are tired of being freaked out to eat in public, of feeling sick, bloated and stressed about food all the time, click the Gut Health tab on this website and see which best fits you. Your healing isn't far away, you just need to take the action steps to get you there, and I am here to help you all the way girlfriend, you are one step closer to regaining your health and enjoying the foods you love.


~ Monika xo

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