• Monika Majnik

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

It's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in a few days, and I can't help but feel so much joy at the thought of being home with my family. There is something special about the Autumn months, the air is crisp but still warm, leaves are changing color all around us, and there is a flurry of activity with everyone preparing for a beautiful feast.

But this year, it has more meaning for me then years past. My family is small, so each relationship has a significant impact on each of our lives, and when we all get together it can be crazy town or a beautiful exchange of love and laughter. My relationship with my only sibling, my brother, has gotten much closer over the last 8 months, I have talked to him more during that time then I have in the last 20 years combined, and I look forward to spending time with him talking on our daily scheduled walks with the dogs that he plans for us. My parents are more at peace and happier then they have been in years, enjoying their time in the garden, Mum with her Zumba classes and Dad taking the dog for a walk each afternoon for hours on end, to which he always calls to tell me how happy he is with our 'little' family dog. My parents enjoy their evenings with a glass of wine sitting on their beautiful deck surrounded by nature, in such an idyllic environment that is conducive to peace and tranquility. My sister in law is a happy, fun, loving and adorably ever so blunt in her Japanese to English translation, that she is source of light and honesty in our family that I look so forward to when I visit.

I enjoy the time to just slow down, to leave the big city behind and be fully present each moment of the day. To enjoy the time with family, nature, pets, to appreciate all that I have, we all have, and to be thankful for each day we are able to experience this amazing, beautiful and adventurous life we have.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,

~ Monika xo

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