• Monika Majnik

How are you?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, how are you? I mean, really, HOW ARE YOU? We hustle and bustle throughout life, taking on challenges and overcoming hurdles tending to the needs of others and just trying to get by. Seldom do we ever take the time to STOP, sit, and really ask ourselves how are we doing.

I have taken some time lately on my morning runs to do just that. I found a beautiful spot in the forest where the trees open up, Popular, Birch and Maple trees all in full color with leaves falling to the ground in slow motion, and the perfect opening above where the sunshine and blue sky beam down through to the ground. It's like a little piece of heaven in the middle of a dark green forest. I can admit, when I ask myself that question, the answer isn't what I want to hear, and when I ask myself that question, well, it kinda hurts! It is so rare that others take the time to really ask us how we are, to sit in silence while we share our heart aches, stresses, and troubles...and when the person asking you is yourself and you don't like the answer, well, it hurts that much more.

One thing I have found that is a positive outcome in my daily questioning to myself, is that it has opened up a further 'conversation' to dig deeper, to contemplate why I feel that way about things, about life, about where I am at and where I am going, and find solutions to those things I am not happy with. Far too often we ignore the pain or uncomfortable feelings and move on to ones that feel better. The problem is, they begin to pile up in the background until one day, someone, or yourself, asks the question "How are You?" and the flood gates will open. I challenge you to go somewhere quiet with a pen and paper, leave the phone at home, sit in nature with nothing but you and your thoughts, and ask yourself how you are doing. Let the thoughts flow, let the feelings bubble to the top, and write them all down. Once you have your list, ask yourself how can you change the ones that don't feel so good, what actions can you take to move in a more positive direction, and begin that journey to feeling better, happier and more fulfilled with life.

~ Monika xo

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