• Monika Majnik

How to overcome the Fitness Block...

In all the years I have worked with people who are just starting off on a new health journey I have never met anyone who enjoyed working out for the first time...and who can blame them?! Some days the thought of going to the gym to ride a bike mindlessly, then throw some weights around even more mindlessly, makes me want to run in the opposite direction! It's neither stimulating or enjoyable, so I completely understand why so many people never even start a fitness journey.

The unfortunate part that most people new to physical activity don't realize is, going to the gym will never make being active fun, or sustainable...that takes time, and many years of learning to love the results of going to the gym. So, you may be wondering or curious as to how does one become more active and reap the benefits of physical activity then? Great question, and I'm about to share with you a little secret that will literally change your life.

Have fun. Yes, that is it! Becoming more physically active has to start out with having fun, otherwise, it will feel like a chore, something you have to convince yourself to do, which as we all know, chores and convincing aren't a good recipe for motivation! The key to starting a new chapter in your health journey is to choose activities that you will have fun doing, something like going for a bike ride, rowing a canoe across a small lake or pond, walking to the park to watch your grandchildren play ball, throwing a frisbee, gardening, even washing your car instead of taking it to the car wash (for all of your car lovers out there!). Anything that gets your body moving is physical activity! Once you develop the habit of that activity, and enjoy doing it, it will make venturing into other activities that much more enjoyable and motivating at the same time!

Fitness and physical activity doesn't have to be hard, it just has to be fun!

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