• Monika Majnik

It's Not Easy this thing called Life

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It's not easy. You know, life. I think many of us believe that it's supposed to be, and because it's not always that, we live in a constant state of never feeling happy or searching for happiness. The goal always seems to be 'when I have/am/do' this, I will finally be happy, and when we reach those goals, guess what? There is already something else we are looking forward at, something else to compare ourselves to, to feel not good enough against or wish we had. It's a never ending cycle of "if this", "then I would be".

So, knowing this is a pattern that most of us follow, what are we to do? How do we keep that illusive feeling of happiness from being just out of reach? It is simple yet probably one of the hardest things to do...Live in the moment with gratitude. I know, we have all heard that before, but what does it truly mean? Well for starters, rather then always looking forward or sideways at life (comparison, 'when I'), stay focused on the immediate moment, what you are presently doing that day, that hour, that minute. Find the joy and fulfillment in that. Even if it's the monotonous routine of work, chores, paying bills and repeat. Be grateful that you have money to pay bills, a job to go to, chores to do. Be grateful that you are able to move your body, to come home to a safe place, to have people who love you.

When we get caught up in the constant need for something other then we have, we let the joy of our actual lives, the moments that only happen in present time and only happen once, to slip by without notice. Have you ever said, "I can't believe it's already Christmas, where did the year go?" Time keeps ticking, and the more present we are, the more aware we are of not only how fast it goes, but how much we truly do have that is reason to be grateful and happy for. We notice the little things, the things we may have otherwise ignored or not even seen. Like the fact that your car starts in the morning, or you made that perfect cup of coffee, or the birds chirping outside your window.

An endless source of happiness for me is nature, I love combining nature and fitness into one, it fuels all of my senses, allows for my mind to be free of the constant chatter and negative self-talk, for my body to fill with endorphins and my eyes to be awed by the beauty that surrounds me.

Don't let your days slip by, happiness isn't 'out there', it isn't contingent on 'when', it is dependent on being grateful in the moment. And here's the proof that being grateful and happy is worth the effort to stay present; studies have proven that those who are both grateful and happy are more successful. Know why that is? Because happy people attract other happy people, that attract opportunities and abundance in all areas of life. Just by being grateful and happy the doors to more happiness open wide...and that is itself is reason to jump on the bandwagon of living in the present moment with gratitude.

~ Monika xo

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