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Let's talk about Phones...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I saw this picture a few months back and it had me thinking about the impact cell phones have made in my personal life, so thought it was worthy of a deeper dive.

Since the 'smart phone' came to life it has definitely changed my life, and I can honestly say, I not 100% convinced for the better. Yes sure, it can help me navigate my way when I'm lost somewhere, but so did the old fashion map or stop at the gas station for directions. I can look up things with lightening speed, see the menu on a restaurant before going there, check out the weather forecast or book my next blood test without much effort at all. It keeps me connected to friends through FB, Instagram, Messenger, Skype, What'sApp, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Face Time...you get my point. I get all of my emails no matter where I am, not matter what time of day or night, notified when I have a like on IG, FB or any other App, and reminded when I have to eat, drink water, call the dentist, book a meeting or remember a Birthday. I no longer need the TV or paper to watch the news, and I certainly have all the entertainment I could ever want, hence the sleepless nights scrolling through mindless crap.

But you know what the 'smart phone' doesn't do? It doesn't allow me to think. I no longer need to physically write down Birthday's and appointments in my calendar, I no longer need to remember a phone number or pick up the paper to read the news, I no longer need to stop and ask a human for directions, or write a card. And it definitely isn't required to use it as a phone...because talking to someone has been replaced with texting.

Yes they are convenient, yes they allow us to do more in a minute then we used to do in a day, but... I miss the 'old days'. I miss actually talking on the phone and hearing a voice, I miss not knowing what everyone is doing and catching up in person, I miss getting a card in the mail, I miss the mystery of not knowing what to expect until you get there, I miss reading a map and asking for directions, I miss actually having an attention span long enough to focus on one thing at a time, I miss not feeling wired from all of the notifications and messages telling me to look at this and that, I miss the effort it took to make plans, I miss not seeing someone and be surprised when I do, I miss hearing the phone ring, and most importantly, I miss human connection.

This note made me think about how true it is, how all of our lives are affected by the 'smart phone'. And I can agree, it is definitely out-smarting the human race. We are becoming distant, self-absorbed, socially inept, we are losing the ability to have a conversation, to make reel connections and have compassion for those around us. We compare ourselves at an alarming rate to almost all of what isn't real, at all. We are distracted to the point the 'smart phone' takes over our lives at dinner, in the bedroom, at work and while with friends. It is gaining control over our lives so much, that we are showing others they aren't important by the sheer act of having the phone visible when in their company.

So here's what I would like to ask of you, and perhaps you can ask it of your friends and family too. When you want to catch up with me, call me, or better yet, ask me out to coffee, lunch a walk. When we are face to face, put the phone away, put it in your purse or pocket, I don't like feeling like I am second to the phone. Turn the sounds off, and focus on me. I promise you, there is nothing happening on FB, IG or any other social media platform that is more important then our time together. When we live in the present moment, being present with the people in front of us, there is a special thing that happens...it's called connection. We feel good, we feel important, we feel heard. We acknowledge each other, we share emotions, feelings, laughter, sadness. Something happens when you connect, even asking for directions from someone you don't know, smiling at those you walk by on the street, saying hello the person standing in line at the store. We are all craving more connection...isn't that why we are on social media to begin with? Let's get 'old fashion' again, and see where it takes us. What do we have to lose?

And hey, try sending a card to someone just for the heck of it...there is nothing nicer then getting an unexpected happy piece of mail to open, try it, you'll see.

~ Monika xo

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