• Monika Majnik

Letting Go of it All

I've been taking the time to 'just breathe' lately, letting the stress go of not having everything be perfect. The more I think about it, the more I realize it will never be perfect. Sure, life would be easier with more money, nicer with a fancy car, exciting with exotic trips, but would I be HAPPIER? I mean, every time I meet someone who has all of these things and seems to have life in the bag, there is something that they too are struggling with, something that they wish was different. Perhaps it is their health, more meaningful relationships, family problems, or a job they burn both ends of the candle at.

I think we can get so carried away thinking about everything we wish we could change because it looks greener over 'there', and 'they look happier then I do', and 'those people have no stress because they have tons of money' and so on. But that's just not the case. Everyone has stuff, no matter who you are, or how it is portrayed on the outside, everyone has stuff. And if you don't, please, share your secrets with the world, because we need more of you.

I believe that the key to happiness lies within our own minds, that if we remain the same yet something on the exterior of ourselves like money or material items or even a new relationship changes for the better, eventually we will get used to that status quo and we are still left with ourselves, our thoughts, our inner feelings. We have to look within to find that happiness we all seek so badly, want so badly, yearn for so badly.

Taking time to breathe, to just let the stress go, to stop judging ourselves, comparing ourselves, and beating ourselves up is the beginning of what true happiness is all about. Have you ever looked at a child playing in the pool? They are happy, laughing, jumping and splashing, they have but one goal to achieve, pure happiness. They don't worry if they will be fed, if the sky is falling down, they just keep their eye on the prize and have as much fun as they can.

I think we can all learn something from that. Just keep your eye on the prize, the only prize at the end of the day.

Two weeks from now I am going to be with my beasties for our annual girls beach day near Whistler, BC, we will blow up our Canadian Tire float tubes, grab our bag of chips (or 3!), fill up the cooler with cold ones and head to the water for a day of play. Not fancy, not extravagant, but I bet you'll be hard pressed to find 3 women on that lake laughing their asses off more, and that is really what it's all about.

~ Monika xo

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