• Monika Majnik


Feeling a little lost? Yeah, me too. It's a strange thing we are going through...everything is the same and yet nothing is the same. What I mean is, we still wake up to a peaceful world, we sleep in our same beds, we eat the same foods (maybe a touch too much!), talk to the same people, perhaps just by phone now...and yet, everything has changed.

I am someone who works from home, lives alone, and does most of my communicating with others via phone or social media. My social time has always been heading to the mountain for hikes with friends or going to the gym, heck, even the grocery store was a chance for me to have that human to human connection that I don't really get most days. I see so many people posting on social media about 'taking time to inner reflect' and 'find your way' and 'take the time to stop and listen' and a part of me is annoyed; for those of us who already conduct our lives fairly solitary, that's all we ever have done and ever do! There is only so much self-introspection one can do when you have a life that is filled with it on a routine basis. So for us, it's the opposite of what we really need right now.

Since our world-wide quarantine began, my life has remained relatively the same, except my already limited social/human connections has dropped to zilch...and I find it to be a mild challenge. I'm not depressed or filled with anxiety, I just notice my longing to speak to others face to face, see their smile and have a hug, has elevated 100 fold. Texting just ain't cutting it. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate my friends who reach out to me, most of whom are in the same boat as I am, no family around to get annoyed with, kids to preoccupy their time or even a pet to make the days not so long! But it's not the same. Humans need connection, and not just talking, we need physical connection like a hug...there is plenty of science to prove that those who don't get daily hugs are far more likely to suffer from depression and illness then those who do.

Which lends me to thinking about a few other things. Our older family members and those seniors who are alone right now...how utterly alone they must feel at this time. I think it is so important that we reach out whether by phone or mailing a card, to let them know they are not forgotten about. Imagine if it was you...one day it just may be! And the second thing is this, if you are someone who is in self-isolation with family, make some effort to reach out to those who are alone. It is so easy to get caught up in your own affairs, to forget about those who may truly be feeling more alone then ever before. Social media has never been and never will be a good indicator as to how someone is doing, so do your part and reach out...they will never forget those who did, remember that.

~Monika xo

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