• Monika Majnik

The Voices in our Head

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We hear it all the time, our mindset is key to everything in life. Happiness, wealth, health..blah blah blah. Gets annoying after a while when you consistently wake up, look in mirror at great distaste for not only what you see, but your shitty apartment, your shitty car, your shitty bank account, and your shitty job. Am I right? So how do you take this all mighty mind of yours and put it to good use?  Changing our thoughts, how we think and most importantly FEEL isn't an easy job, it take practise...and I'm not talking about the kind that happens once a week...I'm talking about daily, hourly, minute by minute. That kind of practise.  Think about this. How long did it take you to learn to tie your shoes? Okay...lol...I can't remember that far back either, so how about your computer or your first phone...the one you are reading this on? How long did it take you to learn how to figure out what functions did what, how to get from screen to screen without getting lost or losing things? I am guessing there were a few moments over the first few weeks that you wanted to scream, but just kept trying to figure it out before you finally GOT IT!  Well, our mindset is the same. Every day we have a chance to start over, to have a new attitude, to see the world differently, to appreciate what we have with gratitude instead of seeing everything that is wrong with it. To not flip the bird during traffic, to give someone the benefit of the doubt, to not make a story in your head about the why's, home-come's, or what-if's.  Each day is starting over...that's the hardest part. The work you put in the previous day is only part of the foundation...just like building a house. Brick by brick, day by day, the foundation turns into the walls, the roof, and eventually the entire house is built.  Some easy rituals you can put into practise TODAY that will help build that foundation for your new way of living a high vibrational, positive, and gratitude filled life that will attract the like to you faster then you can say "wow, this works!" are: 1. Wake up each morning and before rolling out of bed list off 5 things you are grateful for (like opening your eyes!!) 2. Notice the little things around you..the flowers, your food, the gas you can afford to put into your car 3. Get into Nature...it's amazing how grateful when you take some time to notice the sights, sounds, and smells of nature...and leave your phone at home! 4. Before bed list another 5 things you are grateful for...amazing how it can turn a stressful day around, and a more peaceful sleep within grasp 5. And last...when something happens, don't put a story to it. The 'story' is often when has us drawn into drama, stress, irritating feelings and thoughts.  Example:

Event = Fender-bender/car accident.  Story = Stupid driver, they weren't looking, probably texting, what a jerk.  Problem = Now you not only have the accident to tend to, but you will be worked up and angry for hours, days, maybe weeks!  Here's an alternative since we cannot control what Happens, but rather how we REACT to it! Event = Fender-gender/car accident. No Story. It was an accident. Period.  No Problem. Deal with the insurance, whoever you need to call to get it towed or tended to.  See how different this feels?! It's your turn!  Monika xo 

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