• Monika Majnik

Money and our Mindset

If you are like me you probably grew up hearing things like "Money doesn't grow on trees", "Filthy Rich", "Spoiled Rotten" and "Silver Spoon Life", and if you are like me, you never took the time or even thought about whether those comments had any validity to them. I mean, 'filthy rich'? What does that even mean?

We are led to believe that having money is bad, no good, even evil in some parts of society. We are led to believe that if you are being of service to others, you should be rewarded with as little compensation as is required for you to just get by. We are led to believe that those who have money, must not be nice people, good people, or somehow got their money in some sneaky and disruptive way to the world as a whole and WE are the ones who should be entitled to it...and even worse, that the 'rich' should pay more for taxes and operating costs in our cities and countries then the rest of the population, like being wealthy is something to be punished for.

It is this mindset that is holding us back from a life of abundance. You see, money only magnifies who you are already, it does not make people bad or corrupt, it only magnifies who the person has always been. So with that in mind, a kind generous person who contributes to charities and good deeds will now have more money to help even more people. And that is what we all need to focus on.

I have a friend who is wealthy, as in, very very wealthy, the kind of wealth that we all dream of and believe our lives will be seamless with zero stress and worry if we could live with that level of abundance. The other day we were talking and he shared a picture of his new car and made the comment that he was spoiled rotten. I know on some level he was maybe trying to make me feel better, or not come across as bragging or even actually believed that he was, spoiled rotten, but the words had me ponder. Rotten. Even the rich can have deep rooted money beliefs that deep down they feel guilty on some level for having this level of abundance. I said to him in response that he wasn't spoiled rotten, he was deserving of this car and any other experiences he gets to have as a result of his efforts. He has worked hard, for many years, to acquire this level of wealth. Make no mistake, money does not grown on trees, it requires work. And I think that is what we all need to realize, those who have abundance have worked for it, they never gave up, they had a belief in themselves that they could accomplish great things if they stuck with it and worked like others were not prepared to work. They sacrificed evenings and weekends while the rest of us clocked out at 5pm on Friday night.

It is worth doing an inventory of your own mindset around money, are you jealous of those who have it? Do you vilify those who live lavish lifestyles? Do you feel they should pay more for things then you do? You see, we ALL have the opportunity to make an unlimited amount of money, but rarely do we exercise that...let's face it, it takes determination and grit..it's hard!

The next time you see someone who has clearly acquired wealth, admire them for their success, know that they did what others aren't willing to do, and it is not something that is to be jealous of, but to be learned from. Oh, and just so you know, my friend also has several foundations to help the less fortunate, you see, money only makes you more of who you already are.

~ Monika xo

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