• Monika Majnik

Motivation vs Inspiration

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

How many times have you tried to motivate yourself to do something? You look in the mirror and give yourself a little cheering squad and say "you can do it!"And let's be honest, how many times is there another little voice right after that says "oh come on, tomorrow, let's do it tomorrow!"...and that voice always wins...sound familiar?

We tend to think that motivation is what we need, to be 'motivated' to do something is like having a someone else dangle a carrot in front of you...like a bar of gold...it may look good at first, but after a while it loses it power and just becomes something you wish you could do, but you have lost your steam to do it. Motivation comes from an outside source and doesn't give you the emotional necessity  you need to keep going with your goal.

Inspiration on the other hand, is an inside job. Inspiration is what drives you in life, like the desire to give your child more then you had, the desire to free yourself from hardship. Inspiration has to be attached to emotion, and it is that emotion that drives you forward, pushes you when things get tough, when you want to give up. It is inspiration that is required for you to accomplish your goals, much more then motivation that wears off after the cheering crowd has left the building.

So when you are wanting to reach a goal, think of why you want to reach this goal, how much does it mean to you, is your emotional connection to achieving this goal strong enough to carry you forward to the end when times get tough, is it enough to keep you pushing long after the motivational videos, books and courses have worn off? If it is, then you have the key to success. Inspiration, not motivation, will get you there.

~ Monika xo

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