• Monika Majnik

Nutritional Confusion as we age!

If you're like me, you have tried every diet and fad under the sun only to come back to the same place I started at. The Cabbage Soup Diet, Keto Diet, Juicing Diet, counting Macros, Micros, Weighing and Measuring my food, counting Points and eating Pre-Packaged frozen foods. I've gone Vegan, Carnivore, Omnivore and everything in between! It's exhausting!

Our bodies are complicated, things like stress, hormones, sugars, lack of sleep, gut issues and more can affected not only our energy levels, but how we process food and in turn, the calories we eat and fat we hold on to. My friends and I often joke that we can gain weight 'just by looking at a donut!' Feel the same way? You're definitely not alone!

In my experience as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach, there are a few solid facts about food and our health. First, diets are short term. Ya ya, we've all heard that before right? But let's dig into a bit further. Any kind of depravation for the sake of weight loss ends up in a binge session sometime down the road. It's unrealistic to think that if we cut out certain foods for a short period of time to make some weight loss gains, that we won't ever eat them again...seriously, have you ever tried cutting out coffee, chips, bread or chocolate for longer then your 'diet'? There are those people who are freaks of nature and can do it, but my guess is, somewhere down the line in the middle of the night they slip down to the kitchen and all hell breaks loose!

If you are cutting out foods for a health condition, you are more likely to stick with it, that is if you have been scared enough to realize that your future health counts on you eliminating those foods. But the reality is, most of us just aren't that strong, and that is okay.

What I tell all of my clients is this, reduce the 'unhealthy' foods to a minimum, pick certain days, events or occasions that you will enjoy some of those treats and don't label those days as 'cheat' days. Every day should be geared towards eating healthy, reducing cravings, getting closer to your ideal health/weight, and enjoying life along the way. There are no cheat days, there are no 'eat everything under the sun days' and then starve for a week to make up for it. That kind of insanity is gone, done, over. Back to what makes sense and Works.

Balance is everything, it's how we think about all food, whether we label it 'good or bad', and what restrictions or limitations we put on ourselves around those foods is the very thing that can make or break our long term quest for good health and balance.

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