• Monika Majnik

Oh my soft bat-wing arms!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Why do my arms have bat wings?! 

If you aren't someone who does a lot of tricep work, you will know exactly what I am talking about! The dreaded 'flap' on the back of your arm when you wave to someone...agh! Not a great feeling to have, so the issue is, why do we have them, and what to do about getting rid of them! 

If you haven't used the muscle located at the back of your arm much, you most likely have 'bat wings' even if you are thin! This is a combination of sagging skin, fat, and loose muscle, all which are affected by the gravitational pull that leads to that bat-wing look. 

So how do we get rid of, or make it less pronounced? First, you need to engage that area of the arm, the muscle is called your Tricep. By using this muscle, you will be tightening and toning it, even shaping and growing it, so that it no longer flaps in the wind, but stays tight against your muscle when needed!

The best exercises to address the tricep are the following (there are some great u-tube videos and sketches on the web to give you a visual of what these look like!)

1. Tricep Extension 2. Tricep Dip 3. Push-ups 4. Close-arm/yoga push-up 5. Tricep Push-down 6. Tricep Kick-back

These are all great exercises to tighten up your tricep and reduce the bat-wings! And of course as always, if your problem area is more then just an un-used muscle, be sure to tighten up your diet to reduce your caloric intake to one that you will burn off during your day. Fat tends to deposit in different areas for each woman, and can be concealed better depending on where that is on your body, but if your arms are your place, I know how awful it can feel! And the only way to tackle it is straight on, so get working those triceps and be mindful of the food you are eating, and you'll be on your way to loving your arms.

~Monika xo

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