• Monika Majnik

Perspective is Everything

Wow, what a change in weather! Here on the West Coast of Canada, Vancouver to be specific, we have definitely had our fair share of summer this year. Most of our lawns and parks are brown, the suntans are on, beaches are full and we have all but forgotten the wet days of winter...until today. It's a bring on the frizzy hair kinda day. In others words, RAIN.

I used to dislike the rain, I mean, living on the 'Wet-Coast' you get used to it (it is natural rain forest country people, it's supposed to rain here), but I have never really loooved it like some people do. It's 'inconvenient', you know, umbrellas, wet shoes, gawd-awful hair - and you ain't seen nothing until you've seen my hair in the rain! Trust me, I become a different person...more like Medusa, an uncontrollable frizzy bomb that takes flight and grows about 3 sizes larger, it really is quite the sight to see! lol

Now, back to the rain. Today I woke up listening to rain drops patter on my window, and like the Grinch who started to smile after his heart grew 3 sizes too big, I did too. I smiled. Wow, how I have missed the sound of rain! The fresh smell of leaves, grass and water, the bright green colors turning almost neon, now that is a sight to see!

It's amazing how much we can miss something we never realized we missed until it shows up again in our lives, and I believe the Seasons we experience living on this planet are much like life itself; we don't know what we have until it's gone. Which leads me to my next point, take care of your health people, it's really the only thing we have that is within our control, don't let it slip through your fingers and regret you didn't take care of it, love it, and be kind to it when you had it. There are so many options out there, and for me a balanced diet full of organic foods, lots of vegetables and quality proteins is key for me to feel good. I also supplement my diet with a few additions like shakes and vitamins to fill in the gaps I may not be getting through my diet, and I can honestly say for being 50, I am looking not too bad. Just like the rain washing away the stale brown grass and bringing it back to life, it's never to late for you to bring back your health. If you need help, check out my Weight Loss Tab, there are plenty of options to fit your specific needs, so reach out, would love to hear from you.

~ Monika xo

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