• Monika Majnik

Are You Clear on Your Priorities?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Priorities! How often do you sit down and list out what your daily priorities are? Getting lost in that to-do list can be not only overwhelming, but paralyzing! Making your list of priorities on a daily basis can be not only freeing, but will enable you to empty your brain and give yourself a break from thinking about all that needs to be accomplished, have an organized to do list, and, most importantly, fill up your happiness cup! 

Your list of priorities is more then a 'to-do' list, it is about becoming VERY clear about what is important to you and what is non-negotiable in your day, so that not only do you continue to move forward with your goals, you also FEEL GOOD doing it! Ticking off each item as you complete it will help you to feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

A priority list includes all of your chores and necessary things you need to get done, but also the ones that you may brush off or skip out on because it doesn't feel important...at least at the time. So what types of things do you need to put onto your priority list to ensure that you are being the best version of yourself, living your life not only accomplishing the things you need to in a day, but making sure that you are filling up your emotional and physical cup so you can truly become the Lady Boss of your own Life?

1. Physical fitness. Put some sort of activity that gets your body moving every day. A yoga or zumba class, a run or walk, maybe the gym or a hike with a friend. Whether it is an hour or 15 minutes, this needs to be non-negotiable in order to create a healthy mind and body.

2. Self-development. Not self-help, but rather self-development. This can be meditation, reading an empowering book, listening to an empowering podcast, taking an online course. Anything to get you thinking differently, more positive about yourself and your future. 

3. Food prep. Yes, as much of a chore this seems like, it is actually the gold that feeds the rest! Deciding what you will be eating for the day to fuel your mind and body in the best way possible. The choices we make with food often dictate the choices we make in all other areas. French fries and a coke don't make us want to workout or meditate...get the picture?! 

4. Connection with friends. Make sure you schedule in time for friendship. Whether it is a coffee, a phone call, or a Skype call with a good friend is important. We can often get caught up in the daily tasks and come the end of the day we realize we haven't spoken to a single friend, family member, or someone who is genuinely interested in you and what you have to say...and that can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression, especially if the kids have left the nest or you live alone! Remember, as women we are heart driven, so fill your heart with a good connection daily, even if it is for short time.

Making these 4 key things a priority in your day will not only fill your happiness cup, they will lead to making good decisions the rest of the day, and the to-do list not so paralyzing or overwhelming anymore!

~ Monika xo

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