• Monika Majnik

Self-Worth, how do you define yours?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

How do YOU define your self worth? Is it by how much money you have, how much the scale says you weigh, how well your children do in sports or school, what award you won, the kind of car you drive or even how you compare to your friends? Let's set things straight. NONE of these can determine your self worth. No material item, no accolades, no achievement of you or your children. Your self worth comes down to your SELF-LOVE. YOUR Self-love.

We often get caught up in the 'if-then' scenario, if I achieve this or that, then I will be happy, feel complete, feel worthy, love how I look in the mirror etc. But you see, none of these feelings can be permanent, none of this 'accomplishments' can lead to you loving yourself more, because all of these things are outside of yourself, even the number on the scale. Self-worth is about seeing yourself as you are, for all that you are, for how much you bring into your world at this very moment. It's about a FEELING, that cannot be earned, bought, or complimented into our being, it has to come from OUR BEING. Self-love, and as a result self-worth, can only be gained and increased by loving ourselves as we are, complete with 'flaws' and all. To know ones-self is to love ones self.

So take some time, really, take some time to write down all of the amazing things about you, like that time when you experienced loss of a loved one, a job, a friend, that time or half a dozen times you felt like you failed at something or weren't enough, that you somehow pulled through, you made it through anyway. How much you have overcome, and have been the light for someone else in their time of need, despite being in need yourself. How special you are to those around you, how by your very nature you can never, and will never be replaced, because you are, well, YOU.

Look within ladies, to find your self-worth, learn to speak kindly to and of yourself, acknowledge the wonderful parts of you, and how much value you add to this world. When we increase our self-love and in the end, self-worth, that is when our dreams, goals and desires begin to flow effortlessly towards us; the 'hard' things like staying healthy, attracting positive roles models and friends, developing new healthy habits, they all become easier...because one who has high self-worth expects nothing less, and becomes a woman who Has nothing less.

~ Monika xo

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