• Monika Majnik

Are You Smiling or Frowning

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

When I take some time to scroll through social media, it never ceases to amaze me how a negative post attracts more attention then a positive one, what's up with that?! You know the kind, when a friend jumps on FB and rants on about her neighbours dog pooping on her lawn and everyone comes out for the fight. Fists are pumping, arms and words flailing, the next thing there is a full army of people willing to take on the savage dog owner with the pooping placement issue. Dozens of people all rallying against this injustice like it was the end of the world and then some. Then, you take a little scroll past another post of a flower posted by another friend, and she talks about the beauty of nature, the colors, how peaceful it is to see something so perfect standing tall in the sunlight. Yawn. Not barely a like, except from her BFF and Mother.

So, I repeat, what is with that?! It seems that the majority of people bond over negative scenarios, drama and conflict, and it lead me to wonder why? It is in our human nature to empathize with others, to feel through them our own feelings so to speak, and in the case of the fore-mentioned, we can all relate to an injustice that has been done unto us at some point in our lives. Here is where the distinguishing factor arises as to whether or not we harbour these feelings, gravitate towards them, and in the end, become what we dislike the most; negative nelly's, and that is, whether or not we decide to empathize with the perceived victim, or vilify the target.

When we choose to vilify the target, jump on the bandwagon and become as offensive as the person we are angry about, we let a bit of that negativity glue itself to our personalities, and, over time, they all add up to equal a lifetime of seeking out things to be angry and negative about, rather then seeking out thinks to be happy and positive about. When we choose to empathize with the perceived victim and their feelings (key point there, their feelings), we are compassionate, caring and loving towards another human, and we can all agree, the world needs more of that.

I am not saying you cannot be angry or hurt with things you see and hear, it is only in how you decided to react to them that I ask you ponder. When we make a point to avoid the negative comments and bandwagon that you see on social media, and take some time to ponder a positive post, leave a nice comment or forward something onto a friend that may make them smile, we can all turn our frowns upside down for a better, happier more positive world...all it takes is one person at a time.

~ Monika xo

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