• Monika Majnik

Socially Lonely?

I went for a walk with a friend this afternoon and we talked about all sorts of things, mostly about how so many people are feeling alone and lost. I'm not sure what the cause is, perhaps it's a by-product of living in large cities, perhaps it's a side-affect of social media, perhaps we are just so distracted with the go-go that we have forgotten the 'takes a community to raise a child' thing. Whatever it is, it is definitely making it's way through all social circles I have come across.

I was thinking about my own life, not married, no kids, and yeah, life can down right suck at times. Eating alone sucks. Planning your long weekends alone sucks. Taking holidays or even 'the' holidays, yeah, they can suck. And when you live in a big city where 'no one knows your name', well, that can suck too. I guess that's what attracted me initially to my business, the first event I went to I was sooo envious of the women in groups, laughing and hugging, I wanted that so badly in my life. To feel that sense of belonging, of community that I didn't have. It was pretty cool to see women (and gents) from different countries running to hug each other because they had never actually met but had talked a hundred times on the phone. It was pretty damn cool to see these women showering each other with compliments and 'omg you look amazing!' and actually mean it, instead of a side-ways look to a friend that actually meant 'she thinks she's better then us now'. All of it was so refreshing! And, I guess that is the very thing that has kept me sane over these last 15 years, the community that I belong too. It's not about business for most, it's really about community...something that we desperately need more of in this world, don't you think?

~ Monika xo

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