• Monika Majnik

Who is Your Support System?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Support System, do you have one? My Lady Boss Life Group was founded because I felt there was a need for a space where women could go and be grounded, supported, heard, with no judgement, just love. (see Visit Group on the Main Page!)

As women, we are loving by nature, we crave that connection to others, to feel supported, loved, and respected. It is so important that you have a support system around you that you can not only go to in times of need, but who will help keep you on track, will give you that gentle nudge or reminder that you are veering off from your goals, or what makes you feel good emotionally. 

However, our support system can often be a sheep in wolves clothing, and in fact, be an enabler. Your bestie who is always there for you come rain or shine, lends her ear when you are sad, will take up the cause with you with as much passion as you have, and will always bring that wine and ice cream over because she knows how much you love it....even though you are trying to be healthy. See what I mean? Our support systems mean no harm, but it is a good idea to know who in your circle is truly moving you towards your goals and being a supporter, or who is loving you unconditionally but not necessarily doing what is best for you in all areas of your life. 

Take stock of who your supporters are, and maybe who you need to go to for certain things, and not others, or, have a talk with your support system and make sure they are clear that when you are down in the dumps, their job is not only to lend an ear, but to give you a reminder of what you are trying to achieve, your goals, and keep you accountable when you suggest going out for that Ben and Jerry's ice cream after a break up!

~ Monika x0

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