• Monika Majnik

Want More Out of Life?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Ever think about wanting more from life? I mean, not just more 'stuff' like material items, but MORE from LIFE? The kind of more that leaves you feeling incredibly fulfilled, the kind of more that has you jumping out of bed every day to see what adventure you will have next? The kind of more that has your heart bursting with love and joy! The kind of more that has you wanting to give back in so many ways, to help the earth, to help others, to make the world just a damn better place over all?

Yeah..that kind of More. I completely get it...I feel it to. It's not an easy feeling to feel, you would think it would be nothing but a happy feeling, but it can be full of frustration, anger, even depression. The problem lies in we weren't taught how to have these kinds of mores, we were taught to know exactly how to get the 'material more', and what that is supposed to feel like, but not that kind of more that can't be bought. So, no wonder we can feel like we are the only ones who will never be happy, or won't ever achieve this kind of 'more' happiness because we are completely stumped as to where to even begin.

First of all, give yourself a break, really, it's okay! You are not alone, in fact, you are part of the majority! The only difference is that most people sit with these feelings their entire lives, and die with so much left inside of them. But that won't be you, no way. Because I am going to give you somewhere to start, that you can implement today that will bring you closer to the More that you are looking for.

Step 1: Start connecting with Nature. I know, it seems really simple, but it is so critical to your process of getting more out of life. When in nature, we are our purest form, nothing to compare to, just yourself and the sounds, sites and smells around you. Make it a goal to get into nature 30 minutes a day...morning before you start your day is best!

Step 2: Make a list of things that you absolutely love. It may be reading a book on your favourite chair, a cup of coffee while walking around the lake, taking cooking classes, knitting, yoga classes, painting, playing an instrument, writing, hiking, going for a run...anything and everything that you absolutely love to do, things that make you smile and feel absolutely awesome and at peace.

Step 3: This list you have just made, take a look and pick 2 things that you can implement into your daily schedule, even if it's just for 15 minutes, try and fit 2 of these into every single day. You will begin to feel that a little bit more of you is coming back, that you are feeling a bit more fulfilled each day that passes.

Step 4: Start saying No. I mean it...start saying no, no to things you don't want to do, things that don't make you feel good. Like the obligatory dinner you feel you need to go to, say no. If it doesn't float your boat, your boat has no room for it! Things that we don't make us feel good whether it is a certain friend, an outing, a workplace gathering, or even something you said you would do for someone but you really don't want to, all of these are dimming your light. Start saying no more often, and watch how much better you will feel.

Step 5: Do something different. Ever dreamed of starting your own jewelry making business? How about hand made soaps from home? Being a volunteer for an animal shelter? How about moving?! Wow, now imagine that! Each new thing we do differently helps to open up energy, and that means, bringing more life to your life, a spark of excitement, a challenge, a renewed sense of purpose. Doing something different can stretch us, make us see ourselves as something more, someone more, then we have been giving ourselves credit for.

By starting with these 5 simples steps that you can start today, you will begin the process of having More, the feeling you are looking for all begins here, so don't delay, your Life is waiting for you 💗

~ Monika xo

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