• Monika Majnik

What if we all said Hello?

Was at the gym yesterday morning, (yesss....it's been a while and I am going to be sore tomorrow!) and it was honestly shocking how many people had there headphones on! I mean, there were only 2 of us who didn't in a gym with maybe 60 people! Now, I am no stranger to plugging in and blasting my tunes, especially on a winter day and I'm stuck inside doing the dreaded 'gym cardio', then it's game on leave, me alone or I'll never get this done kinda thing! But the rest of time, part of the reason I like to go to the gym is the people, the social interaction.

If I wanted to workout on my own, I would stay home and get 'er done, no line ups, no sweaty people, no noise, no suffocating air...but I don't, I go because I want to say hi, to smile, to get a hi and a smile back, heck, maybe even TALK!

I know, what is that word right?! Well, just so you know, I did reach out to the only other woman in the gym without headphones on, her name is Wendy and she is super nice :) She seemed genuinely happy that someone actually said something! We laughed, shared some equipment, talked about our workouts being done how it's the best part of the day, said our goodbye's and left the gym. I don't know about Wendy, but it felt good to talk to someone, to have a connection, to actually communicate. Something I think we need to be aware of more, do more. Let's face it, if we never take the time to say hi, it can be a very lonely world out there, and chances are, that someone is actually super happy you did, I know I am :) That's one of the things I love about my career, it's all about connection...which I think is a huge part of why people gravitate towards it, it fulfills something that is becoming less and less in the world, genuine human connection. See how it feels to smile or say hi to a stranger, I be you'll get more out of it then you think!

~ Monika xo

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