I can already tell you are at your wits end trying to figure out what is wrong with your stomach. Maybe it hurts all the time, maybe you get cramps, bloating, and even worse, GAS every time you eat. You've gone to your doctor, seen specialists and they keep telling you they can't find anything wrong. It's not only frustrating but super depressing as you watch your quality of life slowly decline to the point where your'e afraid to eat.


I know how you feel because that was me. I spent years of seeing Doctors and  Specialists all of them looking at me like I was dramatizing, and most of them giving me the same advice "stop eating what bothers you". Wow. I then spent years looking for the right Naturopath who could figure out what was going on, only to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tinctures, supplements and herbal remedies that did NOTHING. 

I understand where you are at, and thankfully, you haven't given up yet because I can tell you, there are some simple ways to figure out what is wrong with your stomach, and how to get the appropriate treatment for it. 



My name is Monika Majnik, and I hope I can play a small part in helping

you to overcome the issues you are experiencing with your gut.

Now, I must tell you, my training has been in Fitness and Nutrition,

I am not a Doctor, I have no formal Medical or Naturopathic

training, no Dietician Certificate or Gut Issue Diploma, I am however,

a survivor of "IBS", "Leaky Gut" and "SIBO" to name just a few. I have geeked out and sifted through the stacks of studies, articles, read the books, talked to the Doctors and NPD's, and have learned enough along the way to know that I can help you. Having said that, if your issue is of a more serious nature, you have cancer, a degenerative disease, Crohn's, Colitis or any issue that is not pertaining to IBS, Leaky Gut, and SIBO, I would like to suggest that you continue to work with your Physician as those are not my areas of knowledge or expertise, and I want you to be in the best health care hands possible. 

So what now? Well, let's get to know each other a little more so I know the best way to serve you.

I have been formally diagnosed by a Health Practitioner with either SIBO or Leaky Gut and would like help with a Treatment Plan, Meal Plan and improving my overall Health.

I have not been diagnosed or they suspect it is IBS and am still trying to figure this out! 

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